What is identiclic?

identiclic is RFR International's proprietary access panel of consumers residing throughout Italy, interested in taking part in market research surveys regarding different products and / or services.

Our panelists are profiled as follows:

  • Basic information: name and surname, age, city of residence, education, profession, marital status, number of household members, age and sex of the children, any diagnosed medical condition.
  • Information on consumption and lifestyle:
    • Attitudes and beliefs
    • Type of home
    • Work and free time
    • Hobbies, Holidays and general interests
    • Domestic animals
    • Automobiles, Motorbikes & Scooters
    • Computer, Videogames, TV, Mobile phones
    • Online shopping, Technology
    • Finance and Banking
    • Smoke & Tobacco

This profiling allows us to recruit respondents for various research methodologies:

  • Focus group (in person, online)
  • Individual interviews (in person, telephone, online)
  • Ethnographic interviews (in home, in store)
  • Participation in online diaries
  • Web usability testing

identiclic is a trademark owned by Rome Field & Research International Srl.

Rome Field & Research International Srl (RFR International) was founded in 2002 to support national and international market research companies and research users. We believe that values such as cooperation, integrity and devotion need to be the bread and butter of our work; this is what sets us apart from other suppliers. Over the course of the last twenty years, we have successfully guided a long list of clients through their research needs, efficiently and effectively. Our expertise in qualitative and quantitative research, across a range of sectors, makes us a reliable partner in coordinating your fieldwork activities. Thanks to our vast experience we are able to undertake complex projects timely and thoroughly.


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